Get Rad

RADshare is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and empowering local youth through programs that explore and celebrate the art of having fun. RADshare aims to promote a safer bike culture by offering safety education, free helmets and dependable cycling equipment.

Meet the community leaders making it happen.

Creson Helm, member, Board of directors
Based out of Charlotte North Carolina, Creson is a life-long cyclist, advocate for shared spaces and facilitator for building fun at BMX and community events throughout the United States.

Brian Wolford, member, Board of directors
An Army Colonel stationed in Ft. Hood, Texas, Brian’s contributions as a cyclist, parent and community organizer help spread the fun.

Steve Crandall, member, Board of directors
A life-long BMX rider and cycling industry veteran, Steve brings a wealth of bicycle design and manufacturing experience to RADshare as well decades of organizing and judging events around the globe.

Nate Hanger, member, Board of directors
Based out of Richmond Virginia, Nate is a parent of two, a life-long cyclist and active community leader sharing a vision of empowerment through RAD experiences.

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