RADshare Kids Ramp Jam

If you saw the craziness at the most recent FBM DIY World Championships in Richmond VA then you also saw a bunch of kids ripping it up with the big dogs. That’s because RADshare built a ‘kids ramp’ section for riders of all ages to have fun on!

The FBM DIY World Championships is a pro level event that we partnered with to expose young riders to the arts of fun and give them a chance to ride and hang with some of the most well know and talented BMX riders from around the world. This proved to be as much fun for the pros as it was for the kids, who spent the entire day riding the ramps, barely stopping long enough to witness best trick and high air. The prizes and giveaways were secondary to the smiles seen throughout the kids session.

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Photos By Nate Hanger, and Rick Kidd!